Take beautiful pictures and get the most out of likes and fans!

A game inspired by WarioWare's microgames style. Your goal is to take a good picture in each microgame. A hint will appear and you will need to figure out what to do in the microgame.

Use d-pad (arrow keys) to move when needed and R1/A (Space) to take pictures at the right time.

Be careful, you can take bad pictures for only 3 times!

This game was made for LOWREZJAM and A Game By Its Cover.

About A Game By Its Cover, the famicase we have chosen is this one (cover art by Team Tanago):

Game made with Love and Godot Engine by William Tumeo, Lucia Wolf Schafer and Felipe Tavares.

Warning: this game may contain traces of memes and bugs.


InstaQuest.win64.zip 10 MB
InstaQuest.x11.64.zip 11 MB


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It's really well made but it moves to fast